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Originally Posted by penelopesmum
I'm a new owner for a cute female hedgehog. I'm very aware of the temperature in her cage. We have a digital therm. with a little reptile heating pad placed on the side. During the winter there is no problem as my apartment building has the heat on all the time. She seems very active and content. However, we have a question about summertime. We don't have air conditioning and for the most part can live without it. We live in the city so in the summer the temp is quite nice but for about a month or two it will stay over 95 degrees F. My question is how can we keep her cool during this time? I thought about a small fan but I worry the draft may be too much. I also thought about putting cold ice packs on top of the cage to help cool it off.

Thank You!
Reptile heating pads aren't recommended as your only source of heat as they don't heat the air in the whole cage. If your house isn't heated to a minimum of 72F, your best bet is to go with a ceramic heat emitter hooked to a thermostat.
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