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Talking update

ok. got in to see the vet.

he was very nice, seemed to really know his stuff (said he sees at least 5 other hedgehogs)

she balled up and hissed at him the whole time (which yeah hedgehogs and new people) but he said he got a good look moving them around while she had them spread.(he told me that next time if i notice them getting worse that we may have to put her under to get a better look , i let him know attempting to put her in water first would probably be better, he said we could try next time (hopefully there won't be a next time ) but walked me step by step through the process and assured me it was safe)

***he said Crowley had a few agitated/red quills and she still had really dry skin but none seemed infected and that i shouldn't be worried. Said i should keep an eye on them and come in right away should anything change but all looked good. ***

that it was good signs that she didn't seem in pain, eating normally, sleeping fine , running in her wheel and all that good hedgehog stuff that she does - and that she was exploring and trying to escape after the nurse left before the vet came in :P

so all in all Crowley is a very healthy hedgehog and He was impressed with how much i knew and how well i handled her (crowley being my first hedgehog and all) . best $50 iv ever spent for the piece of mind it gave me that im not the worst hedgie mommy ever :P

i will have to be more assertive about checking her skin and quills during bath time though (Crowley usually only lets me brush them back a few times just long enough to glimpse skin to check for ingrown quills or lesions while she's wet and im giving her a rinse) but i guess she'll just have to get over it

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