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Angry urgh! vet stress!

i really wish that hedgehogs were more common and not 'exotic pets'

trying to get a vet appointment is a pain the pricker!

I noticed Crowley had a skin issue at like 8pm on saturday, and the vet isn't open on sunday(of course) so i get up unreasonably early on monday(today) to call for an appointment and see if they have someone there to see her today (as im not sure how bad the skin thing is....

...only to be told that their ONLY exotic pet vet isn't going to be in today but i can have an appointment with him TOMORROW at the one ALL THE WAY ACROSS TOWN instead of the one that was a block from my house and again at an unreasonable hour of the morning (when Crowley is gonna be super cranky at being woke up as well as not taking to care rides and strangers well)

urgh.... if hedgehogs were as common as cats i could literally walk into any vet at anytime and have her be looked at by anyone who was there :/ instead it has to be a pain in the butt meanwhile Crowley has to wait.

the only good thing is that they HAD an appointment for tomorrow at the other building with a diffrent exotic vet than she usually sees instead of making me wait a week to be seen at the one i called like i could tell the first receptionist wanted to.

anywho, yeah rantness. it just really sucks.

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