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Default Re: need new cage. which kind?

You may be able to snag one of those Christmas tree storage bins. There was a pictured posted last year with one and there is a ton of room, the only thing is you may need to modify the lid so the wheel fits in good. They are only out seasonally so you may get lucky and be able to find one, there is a ton of room in there. I just wanted to bring that up since there is only a small window on them and it would be the perfect timing if it was something you were interested in

C & C's are good options too, you'll just want to make sure to make a secure top for it and to get the blocks that are 9 across because the 5 across leave too much space for an escape. I think the recommended height of the coroplast is 8-10in.

You could always go with a bigger version of the wire topped, plastic bottomed cage as well. There's a lot of good options out there so it will be fun getting to pick one that works great for you and your hedgie
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