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Default Please Help, Not sure what to do!

We have an albino Hedgy about 3 1/2 years old named Muu. The day before yesterday I found him outside of his iglo in a corner balled up and making a small speaking/wheezing sound as he breathed and not huffing when I picked him up. His wheel had somehow fallen and blocked the iglo entrance so he couldn't get back inside. I have been keeping a close eye on him and yesterday seemed much better, no more squeaking, running in his wheel no problem and eating just fine. Today when I took him out he refused to unball and it looked like it took a lot of effort to breath, his sides going in and out more than usual, but not wheezing. Just a bit ago I found him in his wheel laying on his belly and breathing slowly, making a squeaking sound. This worries me a lot! I have an appointment with a vet tomorrow morning at nine but just in case anyone is on here this late I wondered what you all thought. Thank you!
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