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Originally Posted by susanaproenca
Originally Posted by bnk28
I just got my first hedgie on friday but I learned that when you build a C&C cage, don't use the grids from target. The gribs are 8 squares by 8 squares and my little girl learned she could climb the coroplast and squeeze her body through the squares within two hours of being in the cage It was pretty depressing to tear the cage down after hours of hard work.
I got the grids from Target and the package comes with two kinds of grids, one with smaller squares and one with bigger squares. You can use the smaller ones for the walls althought it's always a good idea to make a high coroplast wall. I made mine with 9" walls, there's no scape!
I did use the smaller grids! haha. And I put coroplast more then half way up the sides too. She managed to climb it somehow?? And fit her little body through the squares.
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