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Best $40 I ever spent! The vet gave her the all clear and told us that she was one of the most inquisitive hedgies he had come visit. Of course she did her best impression of a steam engine after a few minutes of being looked but she tolerated him well for a bit.

He gave me the signs to look for if she were to develop a URI and told me that if she started to look worse over the next few days, he would just give us a prescription, no second visit needed.

He spent 30 minutes patiently asking questions and letting all three of us (two kids and myself) ask question without making us feel rushed or as if we were a pain.

Best part? If we were to have an emergency, I already feel good about him so I won't be meeting him in a more panicked situation. Oh! And the hospital was gorgeous with a boarding "resort" attached if we ever need to leave her. They have had hedgies as guests before!

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