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Default Syringe Feeding - NEED HELP PLS

Hi guys,

As you may have read on my previous post from yesterday, my little boy is sick again. I went to the vet last night and picked up some Baytril for him, and we started that yesterday. However, normally he eats about 40-45 kibbles a night, last night he ONLY ATE 5!! He still ran a lot, but he kept stopping to sneeze. I got him out of his cage at around 3am because he was sniffling so bad, and he had a huge booger smeared down the one side of his face. This morning when I saw barely any kibbles gone, I became extremely worried. He's been sick a few times, but he still eats a good 20-30 kibbles when he's been sick.

I had some banana flavored baby food (his favorite) on hand, so I gave him 1 cc of it in a syringe this morning, just so he had something in his belly. There was actually 2 cc's in the syringe, but 1 of them ended up all over his face in the struggle.

Here are my questions:

1) Is there an easier way to syringe feed (either medicine or food)? He struggles so much, and I hate having to try to force things on him, even though I know it's for his own good.

2) With an illness, when do you start syringe feeding? Is it right away if he hasn't eaten the night before, or should i have waited a day or 2?

Any advice or help is appreciated, I'm really worried about my boy.
Katie and Hercules
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