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Dee 02-21-2014 03:42 PM

aloe vera/cod liver oil
So I have tried flax seed oil, olive oil, oatmeal baths and aveeno baths and I have treated him for mites, but Pindsvins bad skin is persisting :(

I know people are dubious about aloe Vera because the sap has damaging properties, but has anyone had any luck with it?

Or has anyone used cod liver oil (or any other treatment with any success) ??

abbys 02-21-2014 06:05 PM

I'm not sure if they have this in Ireland, but there's a spray called Humilac that helps dry skin. I've been using it on Pig and it's helped: http://www.virbacvet.com/products/de...heic-disorders

Have you taken him to the vet to get a skin scraping to see if he might have something fungal going on?

Tongue_Flicker 02-22-2014 06:45 AM

Yeah, might as well be humidifying the room where he's at. Feeding him with moisture rich foods like fruits, raw meat, pre-killed superworms and/or adding a little oil in his food plus supplementing with vit.E rich foods like egg whites can help improve his skin.

Aloe vera sap turns black with a staining yellow tint upon long exposure to air so be careful with using it. It is also bitter so watch out if he tries to lick it. He may try to anoint himself with it though.

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