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flash15 01-08-2019 02:27 PM

constant dry skin? mites?
hi, my hedgehog has had consistently dry skin since i got him at 3 months and he turned 1 in December. I have read the other post but i still need some advice, i used coconut oil and the aveeno baby wash. Yet she still has dry skin and there is like little white specs all around her quills. I am scared it could be mites but she is not losing quills nor is scratching. if anyone could help me with what could be going on and some solutions it would be greatly appreciated.

nikki 01-08-2019 07:55 PM

Have you taken her to a vet to have a skin scraping done? That's the first thing I would do and I would ask about fungal or bacterial infections and have her treated with Revolution for mites.

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