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pandasrus52 04-12-2018 11:14 PM

Dry Skin and Quilling Aids (constant bathing)
Hi all, this is a long one.

Back in January, Bean began to show signs of WHS and it progressed quickly. But here we are 4 months later and he's his usual self, but just walking only on his "knees" in the back. We've been to the vet plenty of times, so that is being taken care of.

What I was hoping to get from the group were some home remedy tips for his constant quilling and dry skin. Because of his decreased mobility, he doesn't move to go to the bathroom anymore, so I have to give him a bath every night to clean off the poop and urine. I spoke briefly with the vet and she said keeping him safe from infection via uncleanliness is outweighing the dry skin.

So I thought I'd ask the group, what is safe and helpful in the case of dry skin?


nikki 04-13-2018 10:20 AM

Try just using a wet washcloth to wipe him down every day and only giving a foot bath on those days. This way you might be able to get away with less full baths. Have you tried giving him coconut oil in his food? This often helps. You can also put a bit of coconut oil in his bath once a week, make sure to rinse after so you don't end up with to much on his skin.

Pennythepog 04-14-2018 12:17 AM

Yes if you can I’d use a wash cloth rather than a full bath. I’ve also heard adding coconut oil, vitamin E oil or flax oil into baths, on food and on skin also helps some hedgies.

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