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Walla 04-19-2017 04:07 PM

Does my hedgehog have dry skin?
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Hi! My name is Mary, I'm new to the forum.
I'm taking care of my boyfriend's hedgehog while he is away traveling.
The hedgie is around 3 years old and I think he likes me more than he likes him :lol:
I noticed that he has some kind of dandruff between his quills. I'm attaching a couple of photos.
What do you think? Does he have dry skin or is it normal for the skin to be that way? What should I do?

ArizonaHazelnut 04-19-2017 05:13 PM

I'm not a vet, but it seems to me like the dandruff you're seeing is either mites, really dry skin, or a skin infection. I think the next step is to visit a vet and see what needs done. If it's mites, (which I would suspect) you'll want to make sure your vet uses Revolution, which is safe for hedgehogs. You'll also need to sterilize everything in the cage (scrub it down, throw away wooden items, and probably change the type of bedding you use).

Walla 04-19-2017 07:34 PM

Thank you so much!! It may be mites now that I think about it. I have found two quills on the floor since I got him (it has been a week) and I noticed he scratches more than usual. Also, my sister told me a few days ago that she saw "tiny bugs" where he sleeps. I'll take him to the vet as soon as I can.
Do you recommend some type bedding in particular?

ArizonaHazelnut 04-19-2017 08:03 PM

Yeah, if there's scratching and "tiny bugs" it's probably mites. A vet should be able to get you Revolution (don't get the shot ivermectin, it can be fatal to hedgehogs, but many vets want to give it still...). You might want to search the forums for how to clean the cage...I know you have to clean the cage daily for awhile until all the mites are gone.

When I got my Hazel, I decided to use fleece liners. They're washable, and hold up well. You can sew them yourself (craft stores will run sales on fleece by the yard) or purchase them on Etsy. :smile:

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