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Dtli 11-25-2016 12:52 AM

Need Medical Advice not sure what to do anymore
I got my hedgehog about a year ago, as a present, and its been almost a year long battle to get him healthy. I just don't know what to do anymore. First I just want to say that there are no exotic pet vets within 8 hrs drive.

Doug a 1 year old male has been treated for mites with revolution, once in may for several doses, then antibiotics after that because the scaling did not fully go away, then after that cleared it while he was on it it came back after. So then we tested for fungal infection it came back negative so we tried antibiotics again, sort of worked same result as before, the vet said next thing was a skin biopsy, I didn't want to put him through that so I took him to the only other vet in town who sees hedgehogs, she again tried revolution which worked much better this time he only has scaling on his ears. He had a sore on his belly his chest area, we put him on antibiotics until it almost completely healed. Its back now he has been chewing on it, as far as I know Doug does not have a fungal infection as he was tested again at the second vet.
The second vet got me a treatment of weekly baths with an anti flee fungal etc, antibiotics and revolution for mites he had his last dose on monday, and most of the scaling is gone but it sort of comes back before the next dose of revolution a white flaky skin in spots instead of yellow crusty.
The next option is a skin biopsy, has anyone had one done to a hedgehog? What else can I do for him? I'm so upset and tired of not finding things that work. He only has a maybe 100 quills, I'm crying for my Doug I don't know what to do.

wushu1987 11-25-2016 02:06 AM

So sorry to hear about Doug and I can't imagine how frustrated you must be feeling. I have never had a hedgie have a skin biospy before but it sounds like it's time to try something different and hopefully find a cause to what's going on and be able to specifically treat it (fingers crossed). I read a post about someone who had a hedgie with severe quill loss and they did blood work as well as a skin biopsy. Turned out to be a hormonal problem but it was a female hedgie. Maybe ask your vet if there are any blood tests you could do as well while he is sedated that might rule out anything. If your going to sedate for biospy blood work might be a thought. I know all the tests can get pretty pricey and not sure how comfortable your vet would feel drawing blood on a hedgie. Wish I had an easy answer for you. :( I hope you are able to find out what's going on. Is he still eating and drinking and being active? Too bad you didn't have an exotic vet closer. That's a long drive!

Dtli 11-25-2016 10:37 AM

First thanks for the reply and Everything else Doug does is normal as far as I can tell, he eats too much, drinks about 2 ounces a day, runs around fine, I'm going to keep a close eye on him for a few days because I don't see anything else wrong currently other than the sore, but it is in exactly the same spot as the sore from last time, so I wonder if it might have been itchy and the sore is very small and has scabbed over I've been using Polysporin with numbing agent in it for him.

If anyone has advice either what to do or about a skin biopsy please let me know.

nikki 11-25-2016 02:40 PM

Have they done a culture and sensitivity test to see if it's an antibiotic resistant bacterial infection?

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