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Originally Posted by MomLady View Post
The ramp in that cage is not safe for hedgehogs. It needs to be enclosed.

I don't understand why a hedgehog is not enough of a pet that you have to have another. Save your money for good food, a vet fund and ensuring your hedgie is happy and healthy.
My hedgehog does fine with the ramp and its not more than 3 inches off the ground, I added a liner for extra support so he cant slide off the ramp. And yes Liam is enough of a pet, but it isn't wrong to want another, especially if you want them to have a good life, not just a pet store life. I am not going to house them together and instead I am going to make two c&c cages so I can be able to have both as pets. Just felt like I needed to address you in particular, but thanks to everyone who commented and I most certainly won't house them together.
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