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ggodley 12-16-2014 12:45 AM

Hedgie on Baytril, Still sneezing - Help?
Little Mira is about 4 months old and the past week I noticed her licking her nose very frequently and occasionally doing a little sneeze (about once or twice a day.) To be on the safe side, I took her to the vet. Though the vet said she could see exotic pets, she told me when I got there that they weren't her specialty, but gave me .05 mL of Baytril to be given twice daily for ten days to treat a URI. I've currently been giving Mira the medicine for 2 and a half days and she was fine until today.

I wouldn't say she's lethargic, she still moves around when I pick her up, but she isn't quite as active. She also usually sleeps in a ball, and today she was sleeping splayed out on her side. She sneezed three times as soon as I picked her up as well, which is more than she had before, and her stool is greenish brown and very firm.

I'm a little worried since she seems to be getting better instead of worse. Is this normal, or should I be looking for a vet with more knowledge to take her to? I know the medicine takes a while to work and the antibiotic can mess with hedgie's stomachs, but is there anything extra I should be doing to make sure she gets better?

Any advice for a first time hedgie owner would be greatly appreciated.

Nancy 12-16-2014 08:38 AM

Is she eating and drinking normally? Count her kibble to be sure. She may need to be syringe fed. Yes Baytril can upset their tummies and ensuring she has food in her tummy when she is given the meds helps. You can also give her a probiotic.

When I'm giving antibiotics I usually syringe feed them especially the first few days just to ensure they are getting enough food.

Boomer2000 12-16-2014 08:37 PM

Okay so I am also having a health issue with my hedgie. Boomer is almost two year old and been completely neatly and active. I went to clean his cage today and I noticed some very strange things. His mouth was open and would not close like something was in there although I checked and nothing was visible. Another thing was that under his chin he has something there that I can't quite make out it's just very hard and dis colored. While giving him a bath he seemed very disoriented so I automatically took him out. Then when I put him back into his cage he went onto his wheel but kept falling off...he has never fallen off before. I took him out and let him walk around to see if he was wobbly (wobbly leg syndrome) but he walked in a straight line. Plus his poop looks a little green. I am really worried that something is wrong with him. I am going to take him to a vet on Saturday but any suggestions?

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