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Bossyxox 12-17-2013 04:05 PM

Baytril question
I had Ginger on her 14 day course of antibiotics for her URI.. It did the trick, but once she was off she almost immediately went back to sneezing!
She isn't as snotty and awful as she was- but when I was cuddling her this morning she honestly sneezed so hard she sounded like a baby elephant :|:sad: It scared me enough to call the vet, who said it sounds like she needs to go on for longer, and he wants to bump the dose up- as it sounds like they didn't get her on enough. I was a tad worried about her first dose as it sounded very small, but I am not a vet, Ginger is 400 grams though and when I reminded them today of her weight he did say 'Alright that could be the issue, lets bump up the dose'.
Vet wants to put her on for 20 days- I am just wondering, has anyone else had to do this? Does this sound like TOO long? Will it harm her to go on for such a long time? I feel awful to have to put her on syringe again and to upset her poor tummy, I'm honestly feeling really upset about this and like I'm a terrible hedgie mum :-(:-(:-( and a tad frustrated that she has to go through this again! :x

A little bit of facts if anyone needs them:
Age: 5 months
Weight: 400g
Health notes: she isn't wheezy like before, or snotted up to the point she is blowing colored snot. Her sneezes do sound wet, and they are loud. She is eating well, and drinking lots. Runs on wheel just as often as before- but when she initially was put on the Baytril she had stopped eating and has breathing difficulty and I was syringe feeding her. She has gotten back to eating her regular 3 tablespoons of food throughout the night, leaving a little chewed up stuff behind.

abbys 12-17-2013 06:25 PM

Pig recently went through something similar with Amoxicilin. It could be that Baytril just isn't the correct antibiotic. Ask them to do a culture and sensitivity test of the mucus to see what type of germ it is and which antibiotic will work best.

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