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LittleWontonPoo 10-24-2013 01:14 AM

URI Symptoms
Hi there hedgie fam!

I don't believe that Wonton has URI, but as I mentioned before in another thread, she tends to have this strange breathing when she is sleeping or playing in her litter box.

It was suggested that I should not use a gravel-type litter, so I made the switch from kitty litter to CareFresh, and the strange breathing did go away (I think she doesn't like rolling around in CareFresh as much as the gravel though, haha).

So my questions are:
1.) What are symptoms of URI, other than persistent sneezing?
2.) Do hedgies snore? Cause Wonton was making those weird noises last night, and I had to wake her up to check if she was okay. She wasn't very happy that I woke her up, but she didn't make the noise anymore. :-D

abbys 10-24-2013 03:06 AM

Runny nose (possibly cloudy discharge), extra nose licking, and wheezing are the most noticeable symptoms, in addition to sneezing. If it's bad, you may notice she's more lethargic or eating and drinking less. If that's the case, get her to the vet ASAP.

Is she still only sneezing when she's in the litter pan? Carefresh is way better than gravel litter, but it's still dusty so she may be sneezing from that. You could try paper pellets like Yesterday's News, or even just paper towels.

Hedgies make all kinds of weird noises in their sleep. But if it's a new sound it's always a good idea to keep an eye on it to see whether it's unusual or just her norm. :)

LittleWontonPoo 10-24-2013 04:13 AM

No runny nose, no wheezing, and no sneezing. I never heard her sneeze before, or I just don't know how a hedgie sneeze is supposed to sound like. Haha. And nopes, she doesn't do the weird breathing noise in the litter pan anymore. It's more prevalent in her sleeps now, actually. T:

It was never too big of a concern before, because I took it as her just having sighs or having hedgie dreams. Now it just looks like she's getting mini nightmares. I noticed that she likes to curl up when she does it though. It's a different sound from hissing, that's for sure.

She has been eating way more, actually. Haha. I call her a big fatty, because she has been finishing all her kibbles even when I gave her more. She is more active than ever at night, making a huge racket running on the wheel, and waking me up. ):

I guess Wonton just likes to snore in her sleep. I'll call that strange "noise snoring". HAHA

I'm pretty sure she doesn't have URI, but I just wanted to be sure. Thanks though!

**Just searched up on youtube of sneezing hedgies. Nopes, never heard her sneeze. Hahaha. :') Hedgie sneezes are cute though.

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