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PirateHedgie 07-20-2013 05:54 AM

runny nose
so from what i've read on the sticky and feel free to correct a little runny nose by itself isnt a huge concern as long as it goes away?

he is acting normal, eating, drinking, wheeling, adventuring... noticed he had peed in some fleece that was in a little box hide i made him and was sleeping in it... cleaned it right away but could the urine odor make his nose run?
seems like its better since i did a full cage cleaning and had him out, i have noticed when he was little and not trained to use the litter area that he would get kinda runny when his cage wasn't clean enough.

I use fleece liners in the main bin and use natural care fresh in the wheel/litter box bin. i clean the litter box care fresh every 2 days and spot clean every day. the fleece never goes more than 4-5 days before i change it, usually more often because he tracks care-fresh everywhere ;p haven't really been doing anything different detergent wise.

Maybe since its been warm and i have had the doors open? but that's been a few weeks now.

I will re-check in the morning but he isnt sneezing or anything. thoughts?

PirateHedgie 07-20-2013 07:07 PM

Seems to be dryer today... still normal and no sneezing, he is a little more sleepy and cuddly (not by much lol) but i think he is going through a 12 month quilling also, seen a few new quills standing up and some on the fleece... so that could explain the sleepy.... he destroyed his wheel last night as normal, poop everywhere

i dunno... do they gat a random runny nose?

nikki 07-20-2013 09:43 PM

I would keep a close eye on him and keep track of how much he's eating so that if he starts eating less you will know right away. His nose could have been running from the dust from the carefresh, it can be pretty dusty.

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