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SegaGenesis 11-26-2016 05:38 AM

Stiff Hedgie
I was trying to sleep last night and I heard loud sounds from Sega's cage. It sounded like she was biting the wires or something. Earlier when I brought her out she went to the corner and climbed up so that she was hanging with her feet above the ground. I've had her for a week, and as of today she'll be 7 weeks. I've never seen her run on her wheel, although I've encouraged it.

After I heard the sounds I got up to see what was wrong. I couldn't see a body in the dark so I assumed she was sleeping behind her igloo. Later there was no sound at all, so I used a light and found her under her wheel, where she usually uses the bathroom, and she wasn't moving at all. Her face was out, but she wasn't blinking or responding to movement. She was frequently licking her nose, so I hopped on here for answers. Anything?

Salt&PepperHedgie 11-26-2016 01:13 PM

That's strange. Is she sneezing? How is her poo? My hedgehog was nutritionally deficient for a while until I switched his diet. He would lay lethargic and sniffling under his wheel eating his own poop. To be safe I would take her to the vet like I did when my hedgehog was acting strange. You need to spy on her a bit and find out what is going on. What do you feed her? Answer those questions and might be able to help you.

SegaGenesis 11-26-2016 06:16 PM

I haven't seen her sneeze yet. She does scratch herself a lot, but not in front of me. Her poops are actually really big for her size, and sometimes green. I give her a mixture of blue buffalo weight loss cat food and a sample of cat food from her previous owner so she doesn't get sick too fast.

I have wanted to set up appointments with the nearest vet, but cost is something I'm concerned about.

Salt&PepperHedgie 11-26-2016 07:15 PM

I feed Blue as well. When my hedgehog was little his poop was longer than my pinky finger. If you have only had her for a week she is going to be stressed and have green poo when she is still adjusting to her environment and diet. Check her skin to see if its dry, if so check the enclosure. Most shaving will dry a hedgehogs skin. I use fleece. Also add flaxseed oil drops to her food and lavender drops when bath time rolls around. Having gotten your hedgehog you must be prepared to pay for the expenses of veterinary care. Just keep watching her carefully, respiratory infections or other major health problems in a hedgehog as young as yours need to be taken seriously as they can be fatal. Keep me updated and please consult your veterinarian!

SegaGenesis 11-27-2016 10:42 AM

Sure will! Thank you very much. She seems to be doing better

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