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Default Re: Winter Housing?

I would say he's fine if he's not showing any signs of less activity and such, 74 to 76 isn't bad at all temperature wise, my Loki's cage somewhat runs like that, the CHE kicks on at 74 and off at 76 so it kind of bounces up and down all day. If you want to try and keep a good steady heat then I would insulate the sides at least, you don't have to do all the walls but even just the two sides being 'covered' will help retain heat. This is how my cage is, the two sides are covered with towels, the back is left open and away from the wall about 3 inches, the front is open during the day and night time it gets covered in a blackout curtain.

I can't say through my digging around here that I've found anyone that switched cages in the winter, I think most if anything modify to help retain the heat in their current cage. But I'd say you're good since no one else has said anything.
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