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Originally Posted by lilsurfergrlsp View Post
Can I ask what you've read about PVC piping that's made you change your mind about them?

Also, ferret tunnels are a popular option. They come in fleece, plastic tubing, or a crinkle material. I got the Super Pet Crinkle Tunnel for my hedgehog and she absolutely loves it. I just throw some fleece strips in there and she loves to burrow in it. It's also pretty easy to clean, though it's absorbent (but dries quickly).

Thanks for the tip! I've read a few thins about PVC leaching chemicals when heated and as charlie has a heat lamp I'm not to sure? Though there are also studies that say it's okay. I know it's quite popular in the hedgie community. It's an option but if I could stay away from it that would be nice. I like that it's cleanable tabs comes in various lengths and curves and things though.
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