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Crowley is loved 12-07-2014 11:58 PM

how to check the fangs of a difficult hedgie?
ok, so i have a teeth q?

how am i suppose to check Crowley's teeth when she won't let me anywhere near her mouth?

she seems to eat fine and i can see her 'fangs'- the front two teeth- but she won't open her mouth enough for me to see her other teeth to check that they are all ok or if they need to be cleaned ect.

she doesn't let me near her nose or feet- i have to scruff her to even clip her nails but i can't force her mouth open and since she's not naturally a bitter i don't wanna give her a reason to think she needs to bite my fingers :/
the way I get her to calm down is to put my finger by her noes so she can smell its me and calm down but i can't touch her face or she freaks.

I also don't wanna put the stress on her of taking her to the vet and put under just so they can check her teeth when there's probably nothing wrong.

so i guess my question is will she be fine if i don't check her teeth?
if so, what would be signs that something was wrong with her teeth?
any tips for if i have to check to get her mouth open?

Crowley eats fine, doesn't seem to have problems chewing- though she does get crumbs everywhere.
and if it's important Crowley is roughly 7 months old - but all my research showed they can have/get teeth problems at any age, so yeah.

Im kinda at a loss with this one ;/ so any help, info and tips would be great and very helpful :)

SarahH 12-08-2014 01:37 AM

I can tell you at Sprinkles' first wellness exam, the vet checked her teeth for us, and the method she used might work for you... She took a tongue depressor (it has to be the wide kind, a popsicle stick wouldn't work) and got her to bite that, then twisted it sideways so it wedged her mouth open for a couple of seconds. I'm thinking you could make this easier by maybe smearing the end of the stick with some wet food, or a squished mealworm so it smells yummy? Also, I'd think having 2 people would be helpful: one to do the stick thing, the other to actually look at the teeth - I know I wouldn't be talented enough to do both without a LOT of practise, and I'm guessing your hedgehog wouldn't like your efforts to practise all that much :lol:
Hope that helps?

Draenog 12-08-2014 04:21 AM

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I do it with the tweezers when I am feeding insects. Mine often bite down on the tweezers as well and I use it to open their mouth a little and have a quick peek inside. It might not work for every hog though, it's not easy with all of mine either.

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