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otolemur 07-31-2014 04:25 PM

Red bump
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I noticed last night that my hedgehog has developed a red bump above his upper lip. It looks like it might be due to an ingrown hair or infected whisker follicle. I am trying to get a vet appointment but, in the meantime, thought I'd ask here if anyone has seen something like this before. He has lost two teeth over the past 6 months, which I attributed to aging (almost 4 years). I'm now worried the bump might be related, although the inside of his mouth looks fine (no bumps or irritations) from the fleeting glimpses that he's allowed.

I know the picture I've attached isn't the clearest, but Vladimir doesn't like to sit still or pose for photos. :)

gracefulchaos01 07-31-2014 05:15 PM

I see it. I don't know what it is and a vet appt is a good idea given his history with lost teeth. But honestly.. it looks just like what you said, a pimple or an ingrown hair. See the vet, yes. Panic? naw.

otolemur 08-01-2014 09:34 AM

The redness seems to be going down, so I'm less panicked now. Hopefully the vet will agree!

gracefulchaos01 08-01-2014 07:30 PM

I hope so too!

otolemur 08-22-2014 02:08 PM

Hi, I should've done this earlier, but wanted to post an update. It was indeed an ingrown whisker hair. It scabbed over and grew out quickly, so it was all cleared up by the vet appointment.

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