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Linseymh 03-18-2017 11:04 PM

New Hedgie owner: Lump on side of her mouth?
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Hello! I am a new hedgehog owner, and I have had my 2 year old hedgehog Harriet for about a week now. The day I got her home from the girl who sold her to me (who got Harriet from a breeder previously), I noticed Harriet had a big mass on the side of her mouth, at the top. It's about the size of a small small bean, and is pink. It hasn't broken open, and honestly it doesn't seem like she minds that it's there. She can eat, drink, and breathe normally. It doesn't seem as such a cause of concern, but I'm posting to see if anyone can suggest what is wrong with her.

Also, I contacted the previous owner about this issue, and she told me that she recently changed Harriet's diet, and it could be an allergic reaction, however I'm not sure if that could even be the cause. Thanks for your help!

nikki 03-18-2017 11:16 PM

That is not an allergic reaction. It looks like it could very well be a tumour and will need to be seen by a vet asap. If it is a tumour the vet will let you know what your options are.

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