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I learned from my own vet that vets are taught in vet school and through their common knowledge that ivermectin is the most highly recommended treatment available for mites. The vets aren't evil, and they really do mean well and in truth the treatment does work.
I told my vet at my first visit that under no circumstances whatsoever would I ever allow ivermectin to be used on any of my hedgies and she had not actually heard the lore we hedgehog owners have learned about this. We went back and forth about this a bit, her biggest concern for the health of my baby, my biggest concern for this one's life. We came to an understanding. The only reason she would suggest ivermectin again for one of my hedgies would be for an internal infection, like ear mites.
See, she wouldn't guarantee necropsy costs, cremation costs, funeral costs and therapy costs for me in the event my hedgie died within 4 weeks of any ivermectin treatment. It all worked out rather well actually. We agree Revolution is the way to go now.
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