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Unhappy I gave ivermectin to my hedgehog 😓

Hi guys, about a week ago I got my baby Liam. When I got him the seller told me he was about one month old, give or take. When I brought him home he was a bit shy at first, but after the first day he was very friendly and let me carry him without the least bit of problems. He ran every night and ate regularly and his poop and pee were healthy.
What I did notice though was that he was scratching a lot. I took him to a well known vet yesterday (Dr. Ferber) and he got a skin scrapping and it was determined he had mites. The doctor gave him an ivermectin shot to clear up the mites, and I have an appointment for the second shot next week. I feel so stupid because I trusted the doctors instinct without having questioned. Now that I'm reading all the horrible incidents that have happened with hedgehogs being given ivermectin, i want to kick myself. I don't know if I should cancel the appointment or if I should let the doctor give him his second dosage. I have read positive things with revolution and was also wondering if I could switch him over to that without negative side effects.
Since he got his first dosage (yesterday) he's been sleeping more than usual and will only get up to eat or drink water (I've also noticed he's been drink A LOT of water). Last night when I checked up on him at around 3 am, he was in his hide sleeping. He's usually very active and running on his wheel all night. He also will curl up into a ball if I get near him and it'll take a while to pick him up,whereas before he made no hassle. Please help! I'm so worried for Liam's life! Thank you 😥
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