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Originally Posted by wking26
i searched atleast 4 pet stores in my area, 1 was a exotic pet store, the deals with mainly reptiles, fish and a few small animals, i checked pets mart, a fish warehouse that has reptile stuff, and no one has any or knows of anywhere that would have it, like i said i was told the rheostat i got would work the same as the thermostat, by turning the che off and on
i am going to stop by the store later and ask the owner about it.
Why don't you buy one online? I got mine online
and no, the rheostat does NOT turn the CHE on and off, it will just LOWER the temperature when it gets too hot.

http://www.zoomed.com/db/products/Entry ... SearchID=1
If you don't believe me, here's a website for Zoomed, another reptile pet product company where they answer the differences between the two.
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