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The amount of research you did was questioned because you asked very basic questions, not limited to age.

There is no way to be 100% positive she's not pregnant, if she spent two nights with a male, until 55 days after her last encounter with the male. A normal gestation is about 35 days, but the 55 days is a buffer, to be positive babies are not cooking extra long in the oven. So for the next 55 days I would suggest you watch her very carefully, even if you are doubtful of conception, because at her age this is a VERY high risk potential pregnancy. If you are watching her carefully, and assuming she is pregnant, hopefully you can catch any emergencies if they arise.

She should never be in the same place as your male, not even for playtime. It only takes a few seconds for a hedgehog to mate. Like you said, she probably won't even play, so it's not like she will gain anything from being out with your boy.
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