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HoneyPhantomhive 12-09-2016 07:27 PM

Is my hedgehog hibernating?
Hi there, I'm Honey. I recently got a hedgehog (about week ago) named Cassie, and I've been taking really good care of her. I clean her wheel, change litter paper, check temperature, and refill food at least twice a day. I've also been keeping her in a fleece snuggle sack in my lap so she can get used to my smell. Today I got her out when I got home from school and sat her in my lap. I peeked inside and she hissed at me. I knew this was normal, as I'd just woken her up. I left her in my lap and continued on my homework. About thirty minutes later, I noticed she hadn't moved. I peeked inside and noticed she was balled up and her quills were raised. However, when I stuck my hand in there, she didn't move, and she made not a peep. Normally, if I try to touch her when she is quilled up and I try to touch her, she hisses. I thought this was odd so I tried to reach in and grab her. As I could not find her face or her soft side, I gently wiggled her out of the bag and onto the carpet. I noticed she was completely balled up and hardly moving. She was only moving a miniscule amount, so that's how I knew she was still alive. I began to panic slightly and made some loud noises in an attempt to wake her up. She didn't move. Now I have her under a heat lamp which is turned up a little bit above normal, where she has been for thirty minutes. She still hasn't moved. Should I be concerned?

Hammy 12-09-2016 11:10 PM

Is she responsive when you bother her, and does she unravel from the ball if you leave her alone? When you do handle her, does she radiate a cool feeling? What's her light schedule like, and what temperature do you have her cage set for?

You move when you do homework (i.e., shift sitting positions, leaning, movement for typing or writing, etc). That'll jostle her, and that could explain being balled with quills up. Especially so since she's still pretty uncomfortable with you. It's better to have her in a sack on your lap when you're not moving, like watching a show or reading a book.

Being a tight, angry ball of quills is their defense mechanism, and they're very patient. They'll stay that way until the "danger" is gone, so making loud noises is the opposite of what would bring her out of the ball. Again, because she's uncomfortable, she's not going to move. Are the lights on? Since she's so new to you, she probably doesn't want to move out in the open when there's sound or light.

Also, if she was attempting hibernation, you'd want to warm her up slowly to not shock her. You'd want to warm her by putting her under your clothes or use a human heat pad on low, not put her underneath an overheating heat lamp. You should read these two stickies about Hibernation.

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