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PlatypusTheHedgehog 06-25-2015 02:10 PM

How cool is cold? Hibernation question!
Hi, fellow hedgie lovers. I'm worried about my dear hedgehog (Platypus). He is used to a 78-82 degree cage, but last night it dropped a few degrees. Today, when I checked on him, his stomach was not warm to the touch. However, it didn't feel "cold" as every forum on here describes the state of a hedgie tummy in danger of hibernating. If anything, he felt the same temperature as me. I still held him to my stomach until he got antsy, at which point I put him back in his 80 degree cage in his snuggie. Could someone please be more descriptive as to how cold a hedgie tummy will be when it is in danger of hibernation? Will it be drastic? Thank you!

Bunn 06-25-2015 03:25 PM

Hi my hedgehog had hibernation just a couple weeks after we brought her home. We had done what you had done and checked her belly but if wasn't normal it wasn't lukewarm either it was actually cold, and she didn't seem too be active during the night as well then we got her a heat lamp and she pulled though. As for your second question yeah it could be really drastic if you don't get them a heat lamp. Because even by a few degrees in temp. after a while could possibly kill them :''(

Lilysmommy 06-25-2015 08:04 PM

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If they're actually attempting hibernation, their stomach will feel cold to the touch. Sometimes if they're heading in that direction, but not quite attempting hibernation yet, it will be like what you describe - not exactly cold, but not toasty warm either. I've read a couple people saying that some hedgehogs just seem to generally feel cooler to the touch than other hedgehogs, even when they're perfectly fine, so it's kind of an individual basis thing. If your hedgie feels cooler than they normally do, especially if you know the temperature of their cage is lower than normal, then respond as you would with a hibernation attempt (get cage temp up, warm hedgie up, make sure light schedule is correct, etc.).

I would also recommend getting a CHE set up to make sure his cage stays in that 78-82* range that he's used to, to avoid problems in the future. :)

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