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Nutty, it'd be a good idea to start your own thread to describe what's going on with your hedgehog and to ask for advice, and keep updated. This thread is over a year old.

What temperature is his cage? Do you have a thermometer in it? If not, you need to. I know you're trying to keep the cage warm by covering it, but he also needs 12-14 hours of light during the day, not just from daylight. So covering the cage could be making it worse.

Can you feel his belly? Is it cool? If so, it is probably a hibernation attempt and you guys need to warm him up on a heating pad set on low, or against you. If he doesn't warm up within an hour, he needs to go to a vet. Hibernating is not safe for pet hedgehogs without very careful preparation, monitoring, etc. They can die very easily if they don't get warmed back up & working properly again. Make this very clear to your mom if she doesn't think it's serious - hibernation IS very serious for African pygmy hedgehogs and he needs to be warmed or taken to the vet.

If he's warm, but still acting like this, then he also needs to go to a vet. It could be a variety of things and the vet will need to see and diagnose him. Make sure they rule out things like an ear infection, etc. before they try to diagnose Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome. There's no test for WHS, and no treatment. It's a degenerative nerve disease and can only be diagnosed after the hedgehog dies. If it's something else, it could be treated, so it's best to rule out other possibilities before deciding it's WHS.
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