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pricklyprincess620 06-02-2014 01:30 AM

hedgie losing quills
My hedgehog is losing his quills, checked him for mites- no mites. Tried the oatmeal bath and Humilac spray, still no luck. He acts fine, no loose stools, just losing quills.

Melanie G. 06-02-2014 01:18 PM

Does he have bald spots? How many quills is he losing? Hedgehogs do lose some quills normally, but it's usually only a few and not noticeable.
They can lose quills from poor nutrition- what are you feeding him? He might be missing something in his diet.
Mites or ringworm are the only two other things I can think of, but he would be scratching.

Lilysmommy 06-02-2014 07:43 PM

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Echoing Melanie's questions on how many he's losing & whether he's actually showing thin or bald spots. You didn't mention, but is he scratching at all? Sometimes they can have mites without being able to see them actually crawling on him. If you haven't already, it may not be a bad idea to treat for them anyway, with Revolution. You'll have to go to the vet to get it, so while you're there, it may be a good idea to also have them do a skin scraping to test for fungal or bacterial infections.

pricklyprincess620 06-03-2014 05:58 PM

I feed him Evo and blue Wilderness cat food, he's not a fan of meal worms. I will try uot revolution, thank you!

Tongue_Flicker 06-04-2014 03:27 AM

Had one old hedgie undergo quill loss recently (never happened before). Dry, flaky skin seems to affect quill loss as well. Try increasing your hedgie room's humidity up and moisturize his skin. Feeding foods rich in Vit.E and fats like eggs and veggie oils may also help promote better quill health and production of new quills.

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