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lilythehedgie 09-18-2013 10:49 PM

Dry skin, quill loss, not mites or quilling. What is it?
Hey everyone,

It's been ages since I've posted, I've just been so busy. Anyway, recently Lily has had very bad dry skin. There are pretty big chunks of dry skin coming off, and she is losing several quills a day. Lily is about 2 years and 3 months old, so this isn't quilling. I did the black shirt check for mites and didn't find anything, and she isn't scratching. She does have a vet appointment on Saturday morning, as some of her poops (warning: about to get disgusting) have been mucousy and I'm getting worried. I'm going to try and get flaxseed oil for her skin sometime this weekend, but in the meantime, does anyone have an idea about what this is? I know that sometimes dry skin is just a symptom of something more. Thank you!

Lilysmommy 09-18-2013 10:56 PM

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As long as you're going to the vet anyway, you can try asking the vet's opinion as to whether it could be a skin infection. Perhaps he could take a sample to test, just in case. You'll want to hold off on putting oil on the skin till you find out - it can seal the pores & make infection worse. If it's not any kind of infection though, oil on the skin & in the food might help. Oatmeal baths can help a little as well, and there's a product called Humilac for dogs/cats that has gotten pretty popular & many people have said it works well and quickly.

lilythehedgie 09-18-2013 11:02 PM

Thank you so much! I'll ask about a skin infection on Saturday. I didn't even think about that! I'll update after the vet visit!

lilythehedgie 09-21-2013 12:41 PM

Well I just got back from the vet. After taking a skin scrape and a skin tape, my vet said that it certainly looked like a skin infection. She didn't find any mites, but she went ahead and put Revolution her skin and we have another appointment in two weeks. More Revolution is planned. We got antibiotics (it's a banana marshmallow flavored goop) that are to be given twice a day. Looks like I'm gonna be having some fun with antibiotics and a grumpy hedgie!:) But overall, she was very well-behaved. :D All her fleece is being heavily washed, and everything was scrubbed with hot water/bleach solution. Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to cover everything. :)

Lilysmommy 09-21-2013 01:00 PM

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Thanks for the update! :) I hope the antibiotics help and her skin starts feeling better soon. A note for the antibiotics - sometimes they can upset the tummy since they'll kill good bacteria in the gut as well as the bad bacteria. If you start seeing green poops, you can help by giving her probiotics like Bene-Bac (pet store) or acidophilus (human pharmacy, by the vitamins). Just a pinch on the food each night, just make sure it's at least a couple hours after the antibiotics so they don't render it useless. And if you need help with getting those antibiotics into her...there's a handy video stickied at the top of the Health section. :-) Good luck & let us know how she's doing!

lilythehedgie 09-21-2013 01:05 PM

Thank you so much for your amazing help! We are running out to the pet store a little later, so I'll pick up some Bene-Bac while we're there :) I'll check out the sticky about antibiotics too. I will certainly update :)

lilythehedgie 09-21-2013 05:45 PM

Ok so there was no Bene-Bac at the Petsmart. :roll: but I did order it off Amazon when I got home. Hopefully it'll be here before the antibiotics start affecting her digestive system. I do have a question about it, though. When i give it to her, how much should i give her? It comes in tubes (I bought a pack of four), so should i give her the whole tube or less? Also, will her quills grow in? Or will she just be bald there forever? Thanks!

Annie&Tibbers 09-21-2013 05:54 PM

I don't know about Bene-Bac, so hopefully Lillysmommy will be back.

If you find all the newly-disinfected things smell like bleach, you can rinse with water-white vinegar to deodorize.

Chloethehedgie7 09-21-2013 06:09 PM

Yes! Bene-Bac is the way to go! I use that on my hedgehogs and it works very good. I would still go to the Vet though. I would also use oatmeal base shampoo. I use Oster Natural. It smells SO GOOD! And works great!

Hope this helped,

lilythehedgie 09-21-2013 06:41 PM

Just finished giving Lily her first dose of antibiotics. It actually wasn't painfully horrible like I expected, but to be fair a large amount ended up around her mouth :lol: It looked like she had rabies! Eventually she licked it off, though. Overall, pretty successful! :)

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