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Default Water in nose

I was rinsing Molly at the end of her bath last night and she squirmed too much and got water in her nose. I immediately shut off the water and put her in a towel. She sneezed a could times and then she was fine. Usually while she's drying she'll eat a little bit of food in my lap and drink, which she didn't. She just went to sleep after calming down. My boyfriend picked her up to put her back in her cage before we went to bed, about an hour and a half later and she balled up in his hand, which isn't uncommon for her. When she was trying to unball she started sneezing and squeaking. I put her back in her cuddle cup and tried to calm her down. I put her back in her cage and after a few minutes she stopped sneezing. About a twenty minutes later I could hear her eating. She ate and drank as much as she usually does while I was asleep. I'm just worried because she didn't run on her wheel at all, which she has been doing every night since about the 3rd day we brought her home (3 weeks ago). I did add a couple of tubes to her cage the night before, which she played with, as they were moved all around her cage. She was sleeping like normal this morning when I got up and wasn't wheezing or anything. I'm just worried about her lack of running. It may just be due to the change in her cage? Or could something be wrong? I've read on other threads that they can get URIs from water going in her nose. How long should I monitor her before I take her to the vet?
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