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Default Re: nail clipping

There's nothing special about baths, at least nothing special to use except if you actually wash them with soap, then of course use what is recommended.

Giving your hedgehog a bath is somewhat simple, you want to fill a sink or tub with maybe one inch of water, its going to depend, if you're bathing the hedgehog fully then you might go to at least deep enough where their bellys are touching, otherwise a foot bath (enough to cover their feet) will do. The key is to make sure the hog can stand on their own, there are videos on youtube of hogs swimming and such but most hedgehogs do not like the water, or even the sound of running water.

Temperature wise you want it warm but not hot, use your wrist to feel the temperature, or if you've ever bathed a new born child, about the same temperature.

Avoid getting water in their ears and nose, though sometime they might snort up some water on their own, its just water in the ears or nose can cause an infection, so if it happens just watch out for any signs.

Most hedgehogs usually will spend their time in the bath trying to get out, if you use a sink you might try putting a wash cloth on the bottom, some have found they do better when they have more than just the slippery surface to stand on.

The thing with nail trimming while doing a bath is a hedgehog will not ball up while in water, and many times they are too distracted with trying to escape where you can grab firmly but not hard one of their legs and quickly trim a nail or two.

I still have a lot of trouble trimming nails, but usually when I can hear the nail clicking on the wheel I know its time to trim, people seem to keep them at different lengths, I've seen really short nails, and medium. If there's somebody to help you, it makes a big difference. I don't have anyone to help out so its always a hog rodeo in the sink or tub.
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