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Originally Posted by Tomato
Okay, so maybe I'm tired and my brain hasn't woken up 100% yet, but these words surprised me...

Originally Posted by Nancy
...DO NOT put hedgie in a bath. This is the worst thing you can do...
...when they're cold/hibernating! At first I got the impression I shouldn't give them ANY baths whatsoever over the entire season! Yikes, poor hedgie!

That is great information though, but I'm curious why it has to be a digital thermometer rather than just any reliable one (digital or analog)?
You would be surprised at how many people, their first thought when they discover hedgie is hibernating is to stick them in water. I honestly do not understand the logic in sticking an unresponsive quilled up hedgehog in water. That is why the strong wording.

Digital thermometers give you a finer degree of temperature which is especially important when dealing with Celsius. Those points of a degree in Celsius is the difference of a degree when talking Fahrenheit
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