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Originally Posted by PJM
Originally Posted by LarryT
I would bump the heat up to 75-78. Is the room completely dark during the nite? Some hogs will not come out if there is ANY light at all. Your cage is 19x11 is that in inches? If so that's way to small.
I was thinking the exact same thing! You may think it's warm enough - but a few degrees can make all the difference.
Also, we recently discovered that our girl likes her cage covered at night, so it's pitch dark, or else she won't come out as much, won't eat as much & won't wheel as much.
The only thing is, when I wake her up some nights she feels hot to the touch. That's why I haven't bothered turning up the heat (which would normally be my first inclination as I have had to deal with her trying to hibernate before).

I read before I got her that hedgies need ventilation though and covering their cages with a blanket was a bad idea. Is it safe to do that? I already have her cage partially covered by a towel to help keep out drafts.
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