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Originally Posted by LarryT
I would bump the heat up to 75-78. What do you heat with? And do you have a thermometer in /around the cage? Is the room completely dark during the nite? Some hogs will not come out if there is ANY light at all. Your cage is 19x11 is that in inches? If so that's way to small.
Okay, but I'm concerned to bump up the heat when she's been so hot. Like, hot to the touch. Is it safe to turn up the temperature when she's felt hot in the recent past? Not last night or today, but as recent as two nights ago?

The room she's in is the room I share with my elderly grandmother, and my grandmother uses an oxygen tank that runs constantly and keeps the room very warm. It's the warmest room in the house because of the machine. When I feel like Bellie needs extra heat, I turn on a space heater that is situated right by her cage (but not blowing directly on her).

I have a thermometer right above her cage. It is reading 73F.

No, I have to keep a very small night-light on for my grandmother, but up until 7-8 weeks ago (and I've had Bellie since February) she was getting up on her own. Sometimes when I'm sitting around with my desk lamp on around 10pm or so, she will poke her head out to see if I've fed her yet, but that hasn't happened in a few weeks (maybe 2) which is why I posted here.

I'm sorry, her cage is 14" x 26" (I just measured it). Yes in inches.
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