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Default Can a female hedgehog be miscarriage on the first 15th day of the "possible" pregnanc

I need second opinion on this issue other than my breeder and of course the vet here in my place since they're not so much of an exotic specialist.
Straight to my point, what happened was I found a blooded foot print on my hedgehog pooping area. She has been potty-trained despite sometimes she would gone very hyper at night and kinda crashed and stepped on her own poo but she would most of the time behave well. On the other side of the cage, I prepared a fleece bedding and her green little cave for her to rest and sleep. One day I woke up found her brown colored bedding with a spot of dirt. Average size, I couldn't say small cause it's sort of big to me but not bigger than a 21y/o average palm size. I wasn't sure if it's a blood stain or whatnot. My first thought was it is her foot that bleeds since there's nothing but a smashed poop and bleeding feet together with the print in her cage.
However later when I cleaned her and the cage. I found her feet wasn't injured at all. She seemed to walk normally. No wound or cut if I must say. And despite those unclear evidence, I finally noticed a tiny miny blood spot. Clear unthick red blood spot on the edge of the cage right next to the bedding.
Yes, I have allowed my hedgehog to get along with a male hedgehog. They are both so loving and friendly which gives me reason to put them together. I feel bad for my Cinnamon for not having her company since she is one playful creature but I'm a student myself. I would normally have time for her but not few weeks back as my final was around the corner. So I set her out to make friends with Royce the male hedgehog. They got along so well since the first time. Until not long after that the male started squeaking and stuff which totally freaks me out. Though it wasn't my intention to see them mating but I don't have the heart to suddenly separate them since they got along so well and Cinnamon wasn't showing any distress behavior. I'm happy to see her walking while munching her cat food even though the male was chasing her at that time. She seemed totally fine. So they only got separated not long after that and only because I need to travel to other place and I can't afford to leave her so I brought her along.
Going back to my point, after few research I remember reading about mating and possibility of pregnancy..not to say that I'm not prepared for the newcomers or either I'm prepared. I'm more worried of her health so after an advice from a friend I tried to trace the dates. What I can say is that the blood was found approximately on the 15th day after the first day she meets the male.
Sorry if it's too long. I tried to provide u guys with enough info so someone could help me figure this out. Thank you =)
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