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Default Red spots, different behaviors


Recently I've been experiencing weird behaviors with my/girlfriends hedgehog named Daisy. We bought her home a little over a month ago and all was well. She is about 7-8 weeks old and from a breeder.

She has 2 huge homes connected by tunnels in our living room. Nothing has really changed in her eating habits or her living situation. Recently she did discover her wheel and started running on it all night. She is littered trained and doesnt eat anything other than her cat food.

The only real change or recent events I can think of are...(before the issue)

1. She poops/pees on her wheel every night, we attempt to clean it ASAP.
2. Took her on a road trip (slept the whole time)
3. Took her to visit Adult family for the holidays (playtime was about 10 mins total)
4. Made a aspen play pen for her (took it away a day after) (We switched to fabric liner cause she kept sneezing)

(Present Issue)

Lately Daisy has been acting a little weird; shes more grouchy, upset, and less social. She usually allows us to pet and pick her up freely. At first we figured it was due to her quilling, we do see some loose quills around her home. She was often scratching herself, and was given about 3 baths in the time we had her. We still don't suspect mites. We are afraid she has very dry skin causing some sort of skin irritation.

We treated her recently with flaxseed oil in a bath. Also going to put some on her food starting tonight.

So the real issues here are, she has red spots near her head and back area. Not on her butt, but around where the quills end. It looks swollen and red. Shes super touchy lately, even the smallest touch would put her into a ball. She also seems to be resting a lot, resting as in staying in one spot for a long period of time. She doesn't seek her tunnel or a dark spot, she simply sits there in a ball as if shes too weak to do what she does....

Today I realized, there is a black spot near her back. Im concerned it could be something bad. I'm still not too sure what I should do about that. Googled found me some topics saying that was normal. Any input?

I did call my a vet today to schedule a appointment, but was told to call back tomorrow morning to see if they could see us. So Im worried, I want to be patient but also want some advice on what to do in the mean time.

However Ill post some pictures to help with the advice. Pix (from left #1 to right #2,3,4,5,6,7)

#1 - Her healthly
#2-3 red spots on her head (We thought from quilling)
#4-7 Red swollen spots near her butt where the quills stop
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