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Default Hamster keeps getting into hedgehog cage

Hi, I got my hedgehog a new cage recently. It's a dog cage that I've put panels around the sides except from the front, and whilst it's great for both of us it hasn't been so good for my hamster. I often let her have free-roam of the room and it's very easy for her to get into the front and then take the hedgehog's food and sometimes poop/litter. The obvious thing would be to put panels in the front but she has also figured out a way to climb up the back, meaning I would have to block a lot of things off and she would also have no escape route if she got in without me knowing. Fortunately, the two have not met as I have always got her out pretty quick and Luna (hedgehog) would likely be more afraid of her.
Is there a way to train her to stop this? Luna is always sleeping when she's got in, would it be enough to stop it if I did let them meet? By that I mean the hamster would eventually get curious and most likely be greeted with a large huff.. I assume the quills would scare her off enough to not go back, at least temporarily?
If there is no way to stop this behaviour I will try to block it off.
Thank you
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