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Default Made the Mistake of leaving my brother with my hedgehog

I didn't really have another option. My brother had to work this weekend, and my family wanted to have Christmas dinner early. I wanted to bring Moyo to my mom's instead, but my dad said that he wouldn't bring the cage there if my brother could watch him.

We came home today, and I beelined for Moyo's cage. I found his light off even though it was noon. His water bowl had not been refreshed since I left, and his food bowl was empty. I yelled, and my brother said that he had just woken up and was about to turn the light on. (We don't have a light to go over the cage yet because the original plan was to use one of my brother's old ones. None of them work. For now, I just go in at 8 AM and turn the light on, and turn it off at night.)

Moyo is fine. But I'm really really angry about it, and I feel like an idiot. My brother has been turning on and off the light and says why he doesn't understand why I think he's nocturnal. I can't wait to bring my hedgehog back home with me.
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