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He throws them up fairly fast. The only other time I have seen him throw up like this is when he got into a bag of chocolate chips. I think he ate like two (chips) before I snatched them up but he threw them up right away.

The itching is something I didn't even think about until now. He's been a lot itchier lately, I thought it was dry skin, Colorado weather and all.

The crazy thing is that lamb is often used as a control food for testing allergies because it is one of the least likely culprits for ferrets to be allergic too besides rabbits. Of course it would be my dog that is allergic to something like this.

I'll keep an eye on him. I won't be able to buy new food until Friday. Do you think I should go with chicken for the new food?

And yes, the last thing I need right now is a sick dog.
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