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Okay so I am also having a health issue with my hedgie. Boomer is almost two year old and been completely neatly and active. I went to clean his cage today and I noticed some very strange things. His mouth was open and would not close like something was in there although I checked and nothing was visible. Another thing was that under his chin he has something there that I can't quite make out it's just very hard and dis colored. While giving him a bath he seemed very disoriented so I automatically took him out. Then when I put him back into his cage he went onto his wheel but kept falling off...he has never fallen off before. I took him out and let him walk around to see if he was wobbly (wobbly leg syndrome) but he walked in a straight line. Plus his poop looks a little green. I am really worried that something is wrong with him. I am going to take him to a vet on Saturday but any suggestions?
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