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Default Hedgie on Baytril, Still sneezing - Help?

Little Mira is about 4 months old and the past week I noticed her licking her nose very frequently and occasionally doing a little sneeze (about once or twice a day.) To be on the safe side, I took her to the vet. Though the vet said she could see exotic pets, she told me when I got there that they weren't her specialty, but gave me .05 mL of Baytril to be given twice daily for ten days to treat a URI. I've currently been giving Mira the medicine for 2 and a half days and she was fine until today.

I wouldn't say she's lethargic, she still moves around when I pick her up, but she isn't quite as active. She also usually sleeps in a ball, and today she was sleeping splayed out on her side. She sneezed three times as soon as I picked her up as well, which is more than she had before, and her stool is greenish brown and very firm.

I'm a little worried since she seems to be getting better instead of worse. Is this normal, or should I be looking for a vet with more knowledge to take her to? I know the medicine takes a while to work and the antibiotic can mess with hedgie's stomachs, but is there anything extra I should be doing to make sure she gets better?

Any advice for a first time hedgie owner would be greatly appreciated.
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