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Originally Posted by 2SloSHOs
I have to say my Hedgie doesnt smell like much of anything LOL The only smells i get out of him are the fresh poops, which you cant really smell if you arent hovering over the cage. I have my Hedgie set up in my room and there are no noticeable odors he is giving off so you should be okay.

I also wanted to add i'm using pine shavings as it soaks up the urine a little better, and if you like the smell of wood its awesome. Otherwise keep the cage clean and bathe your hedgie every now and then , shouldn't have any problems with odor.

Thanks for the input! I use aspen and carefresh with my ham and have found it to be very effective! The smell is almost non-existant. You can just smell the wood shavings, which I like
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