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Default Re: Ideas for Multi-level C&C Cage- Opinions Wanted! :)

Yeah its going to cost probably 300 or so for a three story setup. I don't think they really sell the 3 story kit, but any Ferret Nation can be made into three stories, all the cage units are designed exactly the same, there is the 141/142 base model that comes with the legs and shelf, and then the 143 unit that is an 'add-on'. The only difference is design is that the add-on unit has a ramp hole built into the plastic tray and wire floor to allow access to the bottom cage. Mine I used that wire cage floor as the ceiling on the add-on unit, leaving the original solid ceiling on the base model, then used choroplast to fill in the 'gap' in the plastic tray, zip tied down.

So you'd be looking at buying the double unit with an addition add-on unit. Roughly $230 plus I think the addon is $130 for the add-on, so $360 total plus shipping cause they are heavy. You could in theory even split a double unit into 4 units by adding a floor in the middle, but the CSW is taller than half the cage, so either someone would be without a wheel or using something like a flying saucer. You could split the top cage by leaving the ceiling off but you're only going to get maybe 6 inches worth of wall space, plus these suckers are tall just as a double unit, I probably got a 7 foot ceiling in here and a third unit would not fit.
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