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Default Re: Ideas for Multi-level C&C Cage- Opinions Wanted! :)

Kenzi, Do they make 3 level Ferret Nation cages? That would be pretty perfect. I keep looking but only find ones with 2 levels and don't want to have to completely go overboard trying to modify it.

Maybe I just need a better space heater. I have just a small one from Walmart so I could always get a better one and try it out.

The cage would only be 3 high, though I guess I could technically do 2 high in one spot and one high next to it~ if that makes any sense. It's just that going vertically is my best bet. Why would it be cumbersome to clean? I just imagine you'd create a "door" on each level using one or two cubes to open when you need to clean (though now that I look closer, I'm not quite sure how the one below opens ). LOL I guess that's why I'm asking before I make any attempt at building it. Hmmm decisions decisions.

Thanks for the input~ I really appreciate it!!
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