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I took Tinkerball to Calgary North, and they were very kind and helpful. The doctor I saw knew a lot about hedgehogs and respected Tinkerball and the fact that she was terrified and in pain and that I had only had her for one week so I wasn't much comfort either. I was very happy that she was given pain medication, and so was she.

However, I would not go to Calgary North unless it was an emergency, as I ended up spending nearly $500 when all was said and done. I spoke to my friend who has experience with hedgies, beardies, ferrets etc., and she told me that Avenida is about half the cost of Calgary North for the same procedures and medications.

Also, I was quoted $90 as a consultation fee, and then on my bill it was $110. When I took my dwarf hamster to Avenida, the consultation was only $80 and I paid what I was quoted.

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