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Calgary's Avenida All Pet Clinic is where I take Finnick the hedgie along with all of my other exotics. Doctor Phillips is very knowledgeable across a wide array of animals. She is however, extremely set in her ways. I personally don't think this is a persistently negative trait, but it's good to be aware that you may need to put up a fight if you have strong opposing views (such as on mite treatment).
She will suggest operations other vets won't if she believes it is in the animal's best interest, and she will then perform the operation herself, which is excellent in the case of cancerous growths. She operated on my dwarf hamster's ear to remove a lump.
She is rather expensive (at last visit ~$80 for just a consult of an exotic animal with bloodwork, fecal exam etc adding to the total) but I definitely trust her and I know she and her team genuinely care about the wellbeing of my pets.
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